The inspiration of this book comes through the realization of life circumstances. Glenroy Salomon Burke realized early as a boy what he could do to help his family. Here in his autobiographical work Life’s Rivers Cross, readers can get the kernels of wisdom stemming from hard work in making a dream come true. The author focused himself on one thing, and no matter the obstacles, made it the impetus to achieve. He is the chef/owner of one of the most popular restaurants in Cape Cod, and here he recalls the long journey from his childhood in his native Jamaica to his traveling to the United States and fulfilling a promise he made to his mother to help her and their family have better lives.

Uncommon wisdom from the author Glenroy Solomon Burke, whose youth takes his autobiography through many of life’s rivers… this is a heartening work about a well-lived life from a person who wrote his own success story.

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My Story

Born Glenroy Solomon Burke in rural Jamaica, at an early age I was stunned by the tough circumstances facing my family. At 11 years old, I witnessed how my mother cried one evening when she didn’t have enough dinner to feed our household of eleven. Seeing the situation, at 11 years old I promised my mother that one day I would go to the United States, open my own restaurant and get her a better life.

After high school, I pursued my dream’s desire and in 2008 the promise to my mother became a reality when I opened what would become an outstanding (rated 4.5 out of 5) and popular restaurant known as The Jerk Café (where I am known as Chef Shrimpy) in South Yarmouth on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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